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We are MOVING! Help us make the move to 1140C Halston Avenue
We are MOVING! Help us make the move to 1140C Halston Avenue

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The Forum Welcome Mat and Guidelines
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Attachments for the photos above are here in case anyone needs them at a higher resolution.

Hey all, here is a quick guide on registering to the forum for Makerspace members and guests:

Please note, all the pictures were taken using the PC version of the site, if you're on Mobile things will look a little different.

Step 1: login or create account

1: If you are a recent member who signed on through ClubExpress all you need to do is login.

2: If you're a long time member you may need login info sent to you. Please email to get this all sorted out.

3: If you are not yet a member of the space you will need to create a guest account as per the following steps.

4: Click Member sign up.

5: Select the 'Forum Member' option in the pull down menu.

6: Complete the form. All contact information will be kept private within Kamloops Makerspace and is only viewable by the Makerspace Board of Directors. This information will not be given out to other Makerspace members or the general public without your consent. This looks like a lot of information to fill out but it's very important that we don't have our forums flooded with spammers.

Step 2: Set up your profile:

7:Open the menu for your profile and forum settings.


8:Tell us a little about yourself, add links to your social media, and add a profile picture. By filling out your Bio you can help build our community. Your fellow members and Makerspace guests can all benefit from knowing who they can talk to if they want to learn about new tools, build techniques, or people who share their interests


That should be it! Welcome to the forums and please share what you're working on and connect with the Makerspace Community!


Questions on how to use the forum? Want to learn about 3D Design or 3D printing? Please ask me!

With Covid we are still not using the lounge as it was used in the past. It is mostly for Covid supplies. There is still a computer in the corner that is used.

Members meetings and AGMS have taken place in Lounge but are now happening online through zoom.

Welcome to the Kamloops Makerspace Society Forum!

Our forum is the primary communication tool in our community, as an online forum members can communicate no matter their hours or location.

If this is your first time here please take a look around the various channels, and create an account for yourself.

Feel free to add a little bit about yourself in your bio such as your interests in the space. We encourage users to create accounts with your actual name and adding a photo also makes it much easier for member's to connect with each other in person at the space. Send one of our moderator's a note if you need some help or need to change your account name!

The Lounge is where most of the day to day topics in the Makerspace get posted, where the tool and workspace channels provide a place for longer term discussions and act as a library of information. If you want to get some quick help on a specific tool don't be shy to post in the Lounge! It's quite easy for our moderators to later move the post over to a specific channel for future use after the issue has been resolved.

As this is a new forum, posts from the old forum have been added by Nicholas Adams and are denoted by "Originally posted by" The post are not connected to the original poster so they will not be notified if you reply.

Any questions or concerns please message our community moderators.

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