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Started By Subject Posts Views Last Post
Garret Hunter

Forum Feedback and Question Thread 8 160
Nicholas Adams

The Forum Welcome Mat and Guidelines 4 174


Media Scavenger Hunt 1 18

Beth Scott

Makerspace Shoutout 1 26

John Ball

Air Conditioning 1 17

Mauricio Quintana

Anyone at the space or planning 2 20

Jonathan Gilchrist

TRU Physics Club Tour 5 49

Kyle Rankin

Volunteers wanted for tours and workshops 12 104

Grant Fraser

Chromecast replaced 2 26

Nicholas Adams

The Future Of Kamloops Makerspace 17 202

Kyle Rankin

Request for Social Enterprise 1 25

Aiden Pearce

Introduction and boiler talk 3 38

Grant Fraser

We've got gophers 1 25

Grant Fraser

Home made games 1 23

Grant Fraser

Cardboard source 1 24

Grant Fraser

Tour guide wanted 1 29

Grant Fraser

building mapping 4 44

Nicholas Adams

Makerspace Raffle 9 63

Kyle Rankin

Classroom music equipment? 1 31

Jyelle Vogel

Haloween! 1 27