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Kamloops Makerspace Membership

Thinking of becoming a Makerspace member?! Awesome! We love welcoming new makers into our community.

On this page you'll find the following information to help make the application process smooth as butter

  • Steps to becoming a member
  • Housekeeping Tasks
  • What is do-ocracy?
  • Membership responsibilities and privileges
  • Membership structure

How to Become a Member

Step 0

Come to Hack Night!

Hack Night is a great opportunity to learn about the space, get a tour and meet some current members. It's the perfect starting point to determine if the Makerspace is the right fit for you! We know scheduling can be challenging so this is an optional step. (You will need to meet up with a member to gain access to the space further on >)

Step 1 (A)

Sign up online and pay for your membership dues. Membership dues help pay for rent and are an important part of keeping the Makerspace running!

Step 1 (B)

Reach out to our members (either via our forum or come to Hack Night!) to arrange a time to come and get your fob. While we are still setting up our new space we have a temporary door code! You will still need to arrange to meet up with a member to get this door code.

Step 2

Congratulations! You are now part of the Makerspace! During your introductory period you have 3 months to do the following

  • Complete all Housekeeping tasks
  • Meet 3 members and ask them to sponsor you
  • Attend a Members Meeting where you will be granted a Full Membership

Read the full policy here: Full Membership Application Process

Step 3

Make cool things and cool friends!

Step 4

Be sure to attend a Members Meeting to become a Full Member! Once you have completed this step congratulations! As an experience member the torch now passes on to you to help onboard new members.

Housekeeping Tasks

  • These are tasks beyond cleaning up after yourself and help make Kamloops Makerspace run. All members are asked to do a minimum of one task every time they are in the Space.
  • During the introductory period, all housekeeping tasks must be completed at least once. This gives new members a chance to ask where supplies are and get used to the routine.
  • Housekeeping tasks include:
  • Sweeping
  • Garbage disposal
  • Tidying an area
  • Cleaning an area
  • Cleaning a tool or machine
  • Holy Grail of Contribution: Cleaning the toilet

Membership Responsibilities and Privileges

"Membership" in this use refers to the membership as a whole.


Makerspace Structure

Kamloops Makerspace is 100% volunteer run. There are no paid staff.


The membership is responsible for ensuring the operations of Kamloops Makerspace is sustainable and realistic.


Every year the membership elects a minimum of 5 members to represent them starting at the AGM.

The Board of Directors is responsible to govern the Makerspace according to our bylaws and policies.

To learn more about the Board of Directors Responsibilities check out these documents:

Board Terms of Reference

President Terms of Reference

Secretary Terms of Reference

Treasurer Terms of Reference