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TRU Physics Club Tour
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Thanks for hosting us, I think the students enjoyed the tour a lot more than I was expecting. I am definitely going to try to get a larger tour set for Fall, probably the first Saturday of the Fall Semester (September). I hope that by then I will have enough time in the Makerspace to feel competent enough to do the tour myself.

oh, I never specified they date... We'll be there on July 6th at 4:30.

Awesome, We're touring the TRU Makerspace from 3-3:50, then going to head straight to the Kamloops Makerspace immediately after. We'll be taking the bus and expect to be there by 4:30.

Hey Jonathan, I am the guy who usually gives the tours, pretty sure you won't disturb anyone else if you and your companions start your tour at 5 but if you really want I can be there at 4. Looking forward to meeting you :)

Hello all,

I have a group from the Physics club that would like to do a tour of the Makerspace, would it be alright if we start the Wednesday tour a little early to have them ask their questions first, in the interest in wasting as little time as possible and to not interfere with anyone else wanting to take a tour of the facility. It's not a problem if we have them come in at 5, it's just we're also touring the TRU Makerspace which closes at 4 and we likely will finish before they're closed.

I've got a count of 5 people from the physics club and I'll look for other students from other clubs as well. The date we have set for these tours is July 6th.

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