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Volunteers wanted for tours and workshops
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Thanks Grant -

I have an option in mind: you can show them the laser cutting of one laser wallet (laser/membersfolder/vaughn/laserwallet) and then give them one of the twenty pre-cut laser wallet kits I have premade for this purpose to bang their own together and take them away.

The kits are in my tote in the woodshop under the chopsaw - help yourself or contact me.

Bonus points for showing them how to engrave their club logo into the demo piece you laser cut - let the keener in the group do it, under direction.


I will do the tour this Thursday. I spoke with Gord on the phone. He needs to bring a group of 13 kids for a tour of the Makerspace. They are in the robotics program at BLSC. We can show them what they can do at the space. A takeaway would be nice but not necessary. There isn't a need to make a program.

Can you break this down a little better? Maybe a more detailed schedule of when the kids are going to arrive. What age groups to expect. What to do when they get here. Some of us are good at planning and some of us are good at doing. Maybe we need a team rather than an individual.

the makerspace has been contacted by big little science center wishing to take several camps of 14 kids each at 9:30 on Thursday July 7th and Thursday August 11th?

i have already asked some of our more regular volunteers directly and they all unfortunately are unavailable. So I am making an open call here.

if you are interested please comment here or email me at

I'm always willing to host a Fusion360 workshop if there is interest.

I can also do 3D Printing workshops, however that is dependent on using a private individuals machine since the Makerspace Prusa has been out of commission for months.

If I'm eligible to volunteer, I'm willing as well

Note: This post is a general call for volunteers that board members can call upon when we get a request for some event. This is not for any specific event. But when events come in, It would be helpful to have a list of volunteers to pull from.

Put your name frown here so i can .make that list!

Count me in! My schedule is pretty flexible right now! Feel free to shoot me a message at

Given enough lead time I may be able to do daytime stuff.

Thank you David

I can probably find time in my busy schedule

We have been approached by several groups wishing for tours and demos of the makerspace. These groups are typically for kids. Is there any members willing to help with daytime tours?

Kyle Rankin

Director at Large

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