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CNC wood mill - help please!!!
Patrick Strohmenger

I was wondering if there is anyone from the Makerspace who would be willing to show me how to use the CNC wood mill? I am hoping to join the Makerspace mainly to learn to use this machine.  I am hoping to be able to cut component parts for guitars. 

I am currently studying the fusion 360 software and I’m trying to learn the CAD and CAM portions of it. I understand I also need to learn g-code.  Is there anything else I should be studying? 

Garret Hunter

Hey Patrick, great talking to you earlier.

This video here is a little older but should give you a good idea on the general process of going from a Fusion design to something on the CNC router:

Patrick Strohmenger

Thanks! I’ll check it out.

my design is in a STEP file format. I’ll bring it to the workshop

Patrick Strohmenger

Wow! The video was so clear! This video will give me a good study outline. Wow! A new rabbit hole for me to disappear into!!!

thanks again

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