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3D Printing

Enclosure for the Prusa Printer
Garret Hunter

Adding this thread as the original is lost to the sands of time.

The enclosure needs some TLC, I'll get some parts printed for it.

Here is where the original build can be found.

I'm planning on tweaking these to include steel reinforcement at the pins so that the repairs are much more durable.

Garret Hunter

I've replaced the parts, just a few more tweaks to make.

The rear of the enclosure had issues with the bed cable hitting it before. This was fixed in the past by angling the rear window back and sealing with tape.

I cut a hole in the rear window and printed a little bolt on flange with the cut piece printed in place. This would be a handy feature to use for a filter in the future.

Also need to figure out the power supply as the one currently on there doesn't fit past the shelving post.

Finally I'll remove the lid extension that I added to accommodatethe MMU since we don't have it anymore. Will make it easier to load filament for shorties like myself.


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Garret Hunter

I put a fun label on the printer, 3D printed of course.

Also is an indicator for the nozzle size. Turn the hex in the middle, there is a label for 0.2, 0.4, 0.6 and 0.8.

A single robertson head screw is used to lock the indicator so someone doesn't spin it and forget the number and mess up g-code.

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