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Laser Cutter

Red button
Grant Fraser

Some of you might be wondering what that little red button is for. It zeros out the Z axis. After you set the height of the laser you can press the red button. This let's the machine remember that setting. See first attachment.

What you can do with that is have the laser move in closer for another pass when cutting. In Lightburn you can program a layer to make more than one pass, and to move closer (or farther) on the second pass. This only works for line cuts. See second attachment.

The video of this in action is the third attachment.

If you use this feature please deselect it so as not to surprise the next user.

Nicholas Adams

Is there a way to ensure using this feature does not create a crash? I have heard about the Z limit switch not working on auto focus and lifting the gantry off the laser and destroying the machine.

Grant Fraser

It's still not an auto focus. When we first got the machine the auto focus pen would miss the material and the head would crash. The machine still needs to be manually focused. This button just allows the machine to remember the Z height until it gets switched off.

Nicholas Adams

So it is not autmaticaly moving Z height?

Grant Fraser

No movement. It just sets whatever height it's at to a value of zero.

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