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Laser Cutter

New Exhaust Fan
John Ball

I got sidetracked for the last two years but I'm hoping to have this installed by the end of the month.

What is it?: This is a new wallmount, exhaust fan and plenum adapter. It mounts in the same place as the current exhaust port and is much, much quieter wile is rated for the same CFM volume as the existing fan. A new adapter is also being installed to replace the bucket adapter on top of the air cleaner.

Why?: The current exhaust fan setup is kinda jank and really noisy. While it has provided relatively trouble-free service over the last six years in order for improvements to be made regarding through-access for larger materials the fan needs to be replaced.

What still needs to be done?: Framing is complete and it's hopefully ready to go in very soon. Wiring in will need to be verified by Grant or another electrician as it will require a manual motor switch (which I have supplied)

What is that electrical thing hanging off it?: That is a pressure switch. When the fan is on the negative pressure in the plenum closes the switch contacts. This can be used for indicating if the fan is on, or for adding in series with the float switch and flow interlocks for the laser.

Is it easy to service?: Fairly, yes. You will need a ladder to reach it when installed but the side panels come off the fan housing so you can access the impeller and the motor.

Can things be expanded in future?: You can probably install a larger fan motor but otherwise the only other room for expansion is a 6" knockout I've left so we can reconnect the draft inlet. At some point we had that installed but removed it.

John Ball

Installation of the hardware was completed this afternoon. It is now waiting for wiring.

Because its rude to tear into working equipment and leave it out of order until it's finished I made an adapter so the existing blower and hose can be attached and used. Please continue to use the old blower for now. You don't have to do anything different.

I did however test to see how loud the new blower is and Vaughn can attest: it's whisper quiet. I can drop a ziptie on the floor and hear it land.

Curiously when the old vents were removed I inspected the outlet and if you all wondered why the fab shop ALWAYS filled up with smoke, well now we know. This is your lungs on lasers, kid.

It's been plugged for quite a while. Has anyone previously cleaned it or were we just assuming the wet filter was catching most of it? It must of been like this for YEARS to get this nasty.

Grant Fraser

I have cleaned the fan impeller a number of times. Never checked the vent.

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