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Battery Pack Repair and the Spot Welder
Garret Hunter

Ever have a battery powered tool become useless because its battery won't hold a charge anymore?

Did you know that this is usually due to a single battery cell being faulty while the rest are still good? This is something that the repair cafe had been teaching.

James was working on doing this in the hack room, and we were chatting about tools and how to do it.

There's a tonne of resources on how to do it out there. Lots of them like this one use soldering to reattach tabs but that takes a lot of heat and can be hard on the batteries:

Even better is to use the spot welder like the one Jim has:

I've asked Jim about it and hopefully he can chime in on how to use his spot welder that's in the electronics room.

PS if anyone wants to take it on I have a few battery packs I'd pay to have rebuit.

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