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LASER 101 workshop
Learn the basics of how to operate the 100W CNC Lasercutter. This course will cover basic operation, set up, and essential safety procedures when using the laser cutter at the Kamloops Makerspace. This course is required before you can operate the laser cutter independently. Class is free for Kamloops makerspace members and $30 for non members

Due to covid, class size is limited to 2 students per class, masks and sanitation practices are required.

Please comment below with email and or phone number to confirm your attendance. Or contact Kyle rankin at
Alec Hawkey
I’ll be there,
Hi Kyle,
Please register me for the Laser Cutter Course this Friday, December 18th, if there is room. I have sent you an email as well.
Thank you.
Cindy Hauk
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