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Fall/Winter 2019 Workshops and 101's!
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My Fusion workshops are already uploaded in the site documents section >Workshops

I uploaded the 3D printing workshop as well but it is waiting on admin approval before it can be viewed.

I have digital copies print outs for some of the fusion and 3d printing workshops. Half an arduino one.

I would love to see Mike's LED strip workshop, have a project I need it for and forgot most everything.

Almost 2 years later...

We may need to reboot this idea. Having classes was part of our membership recruitment. Do we have notes from those previous classes? Can we get some train the trainer sessions going? I know there is a plan to go to video training. We still need some hands-on coaching.

Originally posted by Garret H 08-28-2019

Quick note, I will be doing the 3D printing workshop in October also and 2 Fusion 360 workshops.

The schedule is:
October 3 - Introduction to Fusion 360, beginners workshop
October 10 - 3D Printing 101 workshop
October 17 - Intermediate Fusion 360 which covers creating a 3D model to be 3D printed

In the future I hope to run another Advanced F360 workshop including the CNC mill - stay tuned.

The aim of these workshops is to introduce members to a software package that enables digital creation of any variety of objects which can then be physically created using the computer controlled tools as the space. It's serious product design software that is quite accessible to beginners.
Originally posted by Vaughn 08-28-2019


Fall is coming soon and there is tons of interest in Makerspace memberships, workshops, tools and skills. One of our strongest methods of achieving success at the Space is offering workshops and 101's, FREE (or close to free) for Members! We share skills, up our capabilities, teach new members how to get going on new tools, drive new memberships and generally fulfill our mandate through these evolving learning opportunities.

I have informally assisted in publishing these workshops to our facebook page and our Google Calendar, which promotes the programs AND the Space, in general. Even if people don't sign-up for these workshops, the advertising and display of activity these workshop posts generate is a huge benefit to the Space!

If you have workshop ideas you would like to do sometime this Fall/Winter/Spring, please jump in and set a date - I can help you publish it, or you can do it yourself using past events on our facebook as a template. I can add you as editor of our facebook page, so you can manage your own event and I can add you to our Google Calendar so you can post there too.

The goal is to empower all Members to plan, post, host and develop their own programming for mutual benefit, with a minimum of hassle or red tape.

We have the following on the radar so far:

Woodshop 101 - sawstop and basic safety - Nicholas Adams

Laser 101 - Basic Operation and Safety (Sept, Nov, Jan, April) krankin Vaughn @other?

Laser 201 - Maintenance and Advanced Operations (Sept? Feb?) Jim Akeson trunner Nicholas Adams

​​​​​​​Laser 202 - Rotary Tool (Sept) Hunter ? Vaughn

Acrylic Pouring - Fall/Winter - Jean

​​​​​​​LED Widgets - Sept 26 - Synchro Vaughn (vector design support)

3D printing 101's - Nov? Feb? - Garret H

Fusion 360 - 3 parts, Oct 3, 10 and 17 Garret H

Arduino 101 - Fall? Spring? - ron_ron

Vectors 101 - Fall and Spring - Vaughn (anyone else care to step up on this front, please do; I specialize in CorelDraw and we could use an InkScape version of this)

​​​​​​​Vinyl Cutter 101 - Fall and Spring - Vaughn

Airbrush 101 (winter) Vaughn

SO Thats a really good start! Hopefully some Clay Space ShannonK and Textiles BethA @kirsten atkins action develops, as well!

Ill help as much as I can in terms of creating ads or facebook stuff, but it really is meant to be DIY - just jump in and plan something sooner than later. The longer we can run the ad ahead of time the better.

Thanks to everyone who animates the Space by sharing their skills and experience!


ps check out this link for all the past events we have done - A huge list!!
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