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December Financials Corrected
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Here I am fixing all my mistakes so I can have a nice, clean handover 🎉

As you can see we've had a bit of a "buffer" in our checking account (mostly from the yardsale) but it is depleting. We've set ourselves up in a much better financially with the move but we still need to fundraise to make up the difference. We saw a decline in membership during the move and that lose of support has been a setback. We're slowly starting to see membership go back up, however the space has always needed to fundraise to cover it's costs. (Most Maker/Hackerspaces do!)

Upcoming costs will include:

$$$ Insurance renewal in Spring $$$

We've been incredibly luck to have some awesome donors contribute to the build out!! Thank you so so much! It wouldn't have happened without y'all ♥️

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