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Laser Cutter

To who set up the default light burn settings:
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That's what the red button is for. When you are done setting the Z height you can push the red button. That sets the origin for the height just like a probe would. I was experimenting with cutting in two passes with a z height adjustment in between. You've gotten better results than I did Garrett.

Other ideas are to lower the Z axis for thicker shading lines.

You could put some acrylic on supports, cut a shape, lower the bed, and melt part of the piece. Say, cut a flower then bend the petals.

I think Grant maybe

The settings loaded into Light burn are absolutely mint 👌

2 pass cuts with z-axis raise in between? Never would have thought to try that. Seems way faster and cleaner than trying to go slow and punch all the way through.

Etching at 600 mm/s, 20% power and 0.46mm intervals is giving me pretty sweet results, surprisingly good, and way faster than tighter internals..

Fantastic job!

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