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2021 AGM Meeting Minutes
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AGM Meeting Minutes

13 December 2021

Called To Order 6:09pm

In Attendance: Brad Gerow, Bruce Martin, Bailey Finley, Nicholas Adams, Beth Scott, Dave

Holley, Kyle Rankin, Jyelle Vogel, Sue Adams, Hunter Vogel, Jonathan Jumper, James Befurt,

Grant Fraser

Nicholas motions to approve previous meeting minutes. Brad seconds motion. All in favour.

I. Reports


● We’ve seen an increase in usage of the makerspace.

● Bringing on new members at a decent rate.

● Been a great year and accomplished a lot.

2. Treasurer

● Finally got money from TRU for woodshop program.

● Not yet thriving but able to pay bills

● 34 memberships

● Chritmas raffle very successful.

● Membership needs to be higher to cover all expenses

● Need minimum of $50k a year to cover all expenses

● Membership brought in $35k this year.

○ $15k shortfall that was made up through other income sources

● Finances have improved from 3 years ago

3. OKR’s

II. Election of new board members

We thank Olivia for all her dedication and hard work as she will not be running for


1. Up for re-election

● Nicholas Adams

● Kyle Rankin

● Jyelle Vogel

● James Befurt

2. New Candidates

● Brad Gerow

● Jonathan Jumper

Motion is put forward by Dave Holley to increase the size of the board from 5 members to 6

members. Seconded by Jyelle. All in favour.

Nicholas, Kyle, Jyelle, James, Brad, Jonathan all elected to the board.

III. Old Business

1. Olivia proposed in a previous meeting if we should raise membership fees by $5.

● Jyelle thinks fees should stay the same.

● Jonathan thinks we should make a spreadsheet to calculate how much will be

gained through increased fees, and how much will be lost from members leaving

because of increased fees.

● Proposed increased rate would still be under 2016 rate after inflation.

● Discussed offering sponsored membership if rate if too much for some members

● Dave suggests we have a poll on the forum.

● Decided we will decide whether to increase rate at next meeting

2. Jyelle asks what would be the best way to inform people about when we are having


● Facebook events

● Makerspace Calendar

● Makerspace building boards

● Brad says we should update the google calendar.

VII. New Business

VIII. Comments and Announcements

IX. Adjourned 6:54pm

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