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3D Printing Workshop - Tuesday September 20 2022
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I can always run one later on, say October but I wanted to make sure this one goes ahead in September for new members this month.

I've scheduled the workshop for this Monday night. Hopefully people can make it!

I have to postpone this workshop, I picked up a cold and don't want to be sneezing my way though a 3 hours workshop with everyone in a small space.

Is there an alternative that works for everyone?

Thursday night is booked at the space, Monday night?

Thanks for pointing that out. 6pm.

I'll fill you in on anything you missed once you get in!

Hi Garret,

Facebook event says both 6:00 and 7:00 pm as start time. I am teaching from 6:00 to 7:00 Tuesday night, so can -- and will -- be there as soon after 7:00 as I can, but can't make the earlier time. Thanks.

Facebook event page now up! Click link here

Not at the moment, I'll keep a running tally between here and the Facebook event that will be created (eventually).

Hi Garret, new member here and would like to preregister. Anything more I need to do?

Thank you sir for getting some workshops started.

Hey all! I intend to host a 3D printing workshop this September 20 on a Tuesday night.

Feel free to pre-register here and post any thoughts or wishes for what you may want to see below.

Cost is FREE for members, $30 for non-members.

Membership sign up and FOB's will be available for anyone who wants to join up that evening and waive their workshop fee.

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