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Woodshop dust collection
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Thank you to whoever removed the two bags of sawdust from the barrel. And thank you to the person who took them away.

I removed an additional bag of sawdust from the vertical filter and used compressed air to clear the fines out of the filter paper.

Good news and bad. Good news is that the dust collector is working. A wire had been pulled off the contactor.

Bad news is that the bin is full. And that the flamingos don't work.

I'll come down and have a look

It seems that the dust collection system is not functional. When one hits the switch in woodshop wall, the vacuum does not come on (the light on the switch does, but no suction).

I checked the breakers in the fab shop and cant determine any problem there.

I didnt explore the exterior cabinet.

With the Womens Night oncoming which will use the woodshop, can someone check it out?

If moving a full barrel of sawdust is required, I volunteer my truck.


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