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We are MOVING! Help us make the move to 1140C Halston Avenue
We are MOVING! Help us make the move to 1140C Halston Avenue

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Childrens Arts Festival
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I think criminal record checks are good for 5 years. I submitted one that was about a year old.

Here’s the info for criminal record checks for anyone else who may need it:

I’ll need you to get a Criminal Record Check done and sent to Tanya (remaining confidential to the rest of the staff). I have attached the form. Please add your full name and date and take it to the RCMP. After a few days it will be completed and you can either drop it off at the office, or scan and email it to Tanya at

I know I got a criminal record check in the past and it was put on file. I would need to get another done, or is the old one still good?

Would it still be useful for Dave and I to cut some stuff out?

Unicorn pencil holder. Please use the white cardboard to make this to its easier to colour.

I have placed a folder in the members folder called "childrens festival". In there I placed some designs that I need laser cut for the kids. There are several sheets of cardboard in the hallway marked "children's festival". There is a box with hundreds of bags in the fab shop marked, you guessed it, "children's festival".

I need some help over the next two weeks to cut out some designs. We need more designs as well so I will post links in this forum.

The toys I'm looking for should be simple. Should not have moving parts. No war toys.

If you have good ideas please post them here and also add them to the folder. If you have time please cut them out.

I had the idea that I would make the designs with the cardboard negative so we could slide everything together into the bag. That worked with the rocket ship but was too hard with everything else. No need to keep the cutout.

Please help where you can.

We are still looking for volunteers to help out with this event. A criminal record check is required beforehand and needed to be completed asap. so if you are able to help out, please do let us know

I'll be home that week. Anyone else interested? Has the makerspace committed to being there?

I contacted the Arts Council. Reply is below:

Hi Grant! I’m Marta, the new Event Coordinator. Lorel has actually retired!

This year’s theme is: Rivers to Rainbows! We are focusing on being eco-friendly and friends of the water, earth, and sky around us. So we encourage everyone to provide some sort of recycled craft or fun educational activity.

The Community Group application is here: Community Booth Application

Marta Oraniewicz

Event Coordinator

"My life is my greatest masterpiece."

Kamloops Arts Council

Connecting Creative Communities

250-372-7323 | |

Spend your day surrounded by art and children! The Kamloops Arts Council is seeking Artist Facilitators, Performers, and Community Groups for the upcoming community event, the Children's Arts Festival. Join us on September 17th for one of the best and brightest days of the year.

Interested? E-mail Marta, Event Coordinator, at

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