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Dust Collection Improvements
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The light duty dryer vent hose is just folding over and there isn't any suction at the tools.

Anyone have a suggestion for a quick fix or product? Foil dryer hose maybe?

Quite a few on inventables

This ones quite nice I like the vinyl skirt so you can see whats going on

I can always do a custom too, I'm sure there is a solid model around of this machine that I can just download and save time measuring.

I'm keen to help with that.

I am close by to the space Monday to Friday, mid to late this coming week is good for me.

Yeah, that was me on the cnc dust collection setup. It still needs a tweak though. I would love to get together with you Garrett and do a 3D printed dust boot for it, since I have no experience with 3D printing.

And done.

Hooked up the shroud and plumbing to the belt sander and it seems to work well.

If any improvements are needed to the shroud let me know. Being a digital design it's easy to tweak and reprint.

Very welcome. Was it you who installed the dust pickup on the CNC router? That was awesome work!


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Wow, Garrett! I'm so stoked that you're making these upgrades.

1000 thank you's!

2 out of 3 done

The dust collector has been a huge help in keeping the wood space more clean, but the worst culprit in the woodshop - the belt sander - is still spilling noxious levels of dust. Unfortunately only the disc sanding element has a pick up for dust collection.

Here is my fix:

It's a dust collection shroud to pick up dust from the tail end of the vacuum.

Currently printing, hopefully it fits and works.

Next step is getting hoses to not just the belt sander but also the band saw and jointer.

Jason Buie had a fantastic idea to use some magnetic quick couplings that he saw on YouTube. That way one single flex hose can be moved from one machine to the other.

There is a design on thingiverse but it uses some oddball magnet sizes, so I redid the design to fit a common 8mmx3mm magnet that can be bought at Princess Auto. I also embedded the magnets in the print rather than using glue.

These are for 4" hose and are pretty sweet just click on and twist to disengage.

Hopefully I can get this all put in over the weekend.

All files are attached for future use.

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