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Thanks Dave... clarifies some things with relation to our next steps. We still need to see if vid captures will scale to multi cameras and find the common timestamp for the frame to pull from each stream.

Unfortunately, I won't be there tonight though. Hope to see you next week or perhaps in the new year.

Happy Holidays to all!!!

Colin found this and thought it was interesting as to our talk about how video is stored and why/how a computer knows the order of the still photos to play

Anyone else thinking they will be there tonight?

I'll be there tonight, I'll also be bringing another student with me who is interested in programming club.

Hi all,

Sorry I have been absent the past three Tuesdays. Hoping to be there next week. Last session I attended, we determined when we scaled to more than 5 cameras (I think) we were not able to maintain the parallel processing of the python script to ensure all cameras took a frame within under a second of each other. Getting timing of the different camera models was also difficult to develop timing for. We also determined that our understanding of how the Pi discovered the cameras and indexed them didn't scale once we added in multiple USB hubs.

The concept to overcome this issue was to try to see if we could capture video instead of a single frame. If we get the multiple video stream concept working, we can hopefully then determine a timestamp on each frame of the video, find a common timestamp on each of the video feeds and then use that particular frame.

We also looked at some enclosure ideas.

Has any progress been made on the project over the past 3 weeks? I hope to come next Tuesday with some more 3d printed enclosure concepts/joiners and camera mounts. I will bring the Pi400 with a couple USB hubs and I also found another camera to donate to the cause (untested currently). Will be ready to continue the research of multiple stream recordings vs single frame in our code, try to better understand the camera indexing and hope to be able to setup an enclosure as well. See you then.



I won't be there tonight, I have a meeting that is going to be a lot longer than I expected.

I will be there tonight, but a little bit late, around 7-ish

I won't be there tonight

I will be there tonight, but I will be a little bit late.

I won't be there tonight, got ill

Is anyone else showing up? Have 2 newbies for tonight so I hope so

I won't be there today. I guess what could be done is looking at the open-source software we found last time I was there and try them out? You'll need a couple webcams for that. I'll bring my webcam next time and donate it for makerspace use.

Keep me posted on what you guys get done, if anything. I'll plan something for next time I am there.

oh, I forgot to post that I was not going last night. I am in the middle of moving and this is my last week to get out. Definitely be there next Tuesday. Sorry about that. Also, we made some headway in what Grant was looking into, a 3D scanner that uses multiple cameras instead of just 1 that spins around.

Hi Python Club folks (Jonathan, Dave, Grant and Spencer along with anyone else interested in coming along for this ride we are on),

I missed last week but have made it today. I was 30 minutes late and didn't get here until 6:30 but see the club does not appear to be happening tonight? Was I late. Maybe we need a better touch base as to whether it will happen or not. Maybe, since Grant was instrumental on making it happen; and since he was unavailable, we called it off today?

In any event, I will be here next Tuesday (assuming it is a go). I have a Raspberry Pi 400 (Pi4 integrated into a keyboard) and 2 USB camera's that we can hopefully experiment with and see if we can get some of the python code working to display the camera streams and, better yet, take a snapshot/frame and save it to some local space.

Looking forward to making some more progress before my next vacation on Aug 16th. That leaves Aug 2nd and 9th to try to make the magic happen. Hope to see you then ;).



Sorry I didn't make it this week. I wont be able to make it next week either

I will be late tonight, I had a workshop prior that went over time, be there around 620-630

I have uploaded the code as a txt file, you should be able to copy and paste the code into whatever IDE or code editor that you use.

Here is the Google Drive containing the Code(soon to be uploading) and the basic notes of everything we covered in the first session. I will try to keep this updated as much as I can.

Reminder that we'll be starting the Python Club tomorrow? I've had someone say we should start at 6pm instead of 5. Makes sense for those doing 9-5 jobs.

Ok, I'll be out of town starting Saturday, and won't be back until July 1st. So, we can start on the Tuesday. Say 5pm - 6pm? I've started making notes.

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