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May 5th Members Meeting
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Membership Meeting Minutes

May 5, 2022

In attendance

Nick Adams, Chair

Jyelle Vogel, Treasurer 

Kyle Rankin, Director

Johnathan Jumper, Director

Brad Gerow, Director 

Dave Holley, Member 

Beth Scott, Member 

Sue Adams, Member

Bailey Finley, Member

Meeting Called to order: 18:09

Approval of April Meeting Minutes: Posted to late to review

Approve May Meeting Agenda:

Second By Beth


Chair Report

Nick is overworked at the space

  • Need more people to step up and help around the space
  • Work is being done by core group of volunteers we need more engagement form others
  • Financial situation at the space is bad 

Treasurer Report

We are Broke 

Expenses are greater than our income coming in

Rent is $2750 per Month

Member count is 30

We need 50 members to break even currently

Nick, Sue, Brad and Bailey are looking for sponsors, there is some interest but no commitments yet

More sponsorships needed

-Brad will look into Windsor Plywood

-New Member Aiden could bring in sponsors

-Need to ensure we communicate who is talking to who so that we don’t go to the same -people and don’t say something that can’t be done

Workshops are potentially a good income source

Have interest from some groups that Kyle will follow up on

Need Volunteers!!

-We have a sever shortage

-Ideas are only as good as the means to implement them

-Social Media & meeting promotion only goes so far

-Zoom Fatigue

-Next meeting to be in person

-Food at next meeting after checking to see if allowed

-Maker Crepes? Talk to Jyelle 

Inter-Makerspace outreach promoted

Building Maintenance and Cleaning

  • Laps in cleaning
  • Majority of membership not pitching in with cleaning
  • Boiler upgrade/replacement
  • -no movement on replacement

New member Aiden has expertise & contact for potential donations (boiler tech)

Our Landlord has been good at giving us deals on rent with very heavy discounts 

Women’s night

  • First night is May 20th
  • Good interest
  • Needs access to Kamloops Makerspace social media
  • -Kyle to set Bailey up
  • Would like to have member with ability to set up new members available that night
  • Here are grants that Bailey wants to apply for
  • -Sue to help

-Need to print posters 

-File in forum, please print in colour

Expense Guideline revisited

See Guideline in Docs

Kyle made motion to pass

Brad Second

Passed Unanimously

Workshop Guidelines 

See Guideline in Docs


-any one Board Director can approve

Nick made motion to pass

Brad Second

Passed Unanimously

Laser Abandonment Revisit

Johnathan working with John B to get set up for camera in fab shop & fob access

-equipment needed 

-DVR for security cam system

-Our current fob system allows for laser lockout

Saw stop

-Need to implement procedures 

-Discussed last month

  • Signage
  • Training 
  • Charging for triggered brake


-Need to encourage more community

-More community events

  • Birthday parties
  • Potlucks
  • Game nights
  • Kyle could set up

-More excuses to have parties and events


Public or Members only

-Sky is falling party

Membership Recruitment

Canada day

  • Good Fund Raiser 
  • Pins
  • Various small prices items sell well
  • Take inventory of event bins
  • Pottery examples
  • Power at booth?
  • Kyle to follow up
  • Tent
  • Cheap to rent
  • Kyle has a small one
  • Brad has a 10x 20
  • Pamphlets need to be updated 
  • Johnathan to help with this

Meeting closed at 19:35

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05 May 2022

Call to Order:


Approval of Agenda / New Items

Approval of Minutes





Old Business:

Building Maintenance / Cleaning

  • Not being done
  • Boiler offer

Womens Night

Expenses Guideline

Workshops Guideline

Laser Abandonment

  • Camera Instalation

Saw Stop

  • Impementation
  • Cost Recovery
  • Engagement prevention

New Business

Canada Day

Comments and Announcements


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