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Laser cutting machine or in general a few machines
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Weekends I am often there by 5am working on my stuff but always willing to assist others with what I can.


There is an online course for the Laser cutter that you can find under the "E-Learning" section in the website menu above. Apologies if you were already aware of it 🙂

I have a lot of experience with the Prusa 3D printer but am unsure of its operating status.

Hello, my names steph I signed up yesterday for makerspace and am very excited to start creating. I had a tour yesterday and hung out for a bit.

so to get to the point.... I am looking to meet up with anyone who can mentor me for the laser cutting machine, plastic manipulating machine, 3d printer, scroll saw(or jig saw? Not sure if you have one of those), a couple of the woodworking table saws. The vinyl plotters and the incredible printer in the plotter room.

Please let me know if you can meet up to mentor me. It's a big list up there but I'm not sure who has time to meet up and when so I'm really open to learning anything on the list, although the laser machine is my #1.

I'm able to come in the evenings after 630pm usually and can come incredibly early in the mornings but need to leave by 545am.

Thanks in advance,

Steph jones

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