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April 7th Members Meeting
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07 April 2022 members meeting

In attendance: Nick Adams, Chair

James Befurt, secretary

Jyelle Vogel, Treasurer

Kyle Rankin, Director

Johnathan Jumper, Director

Dave Holley, member

Beth Scott, member

Steph, Member

Meeting start: 18:08

Approval of march meeting notes.

Not approved, no meeting minutes posted yet.

Chair Report:

Cleanliness has been approving but would be better if more volunteers helped out

Treasurers Report:


We are running a deficit each month 

Need more members 

Better member orientation

Better member retention

In the works:

Sponsorship from Chamber of Commerce members. They are looking into sponsoring a room

Donation of $300 from KAC

Clarification on $500 “office supply” fee this month. It is quarterly website fee.

Nicholas is at Capacity and is unable to do the same fundraising he has in the past. We need to find other revenue streams and other volunteers to push fundraising

New Member Steph has offered to help as they can but will be leaving come july

Pack in, Pack out garbage policy proposed

Johnathan Jumper wishes to take this project on.

Old Bussiness

Clearly marked No storage areas has been working to reduce clutter and inappropriate storage

Supply Shrinkage and restocking.

Most supplies are small donations made by individuals.

Paper towel rolls have been restocked

Womens Night

Dates set: May 20th, June 16, July 23

Lots of positive feedback from Kamloops Chamber of Commerce

Expense Guideline proposal

New board is to set up budget at start of term

Intended to reduce unnecessary spending

Clarification on pre-approval process

Any purchases made without board preapproval are not guaranteed refund.

Addendum based on discussion on forum.

Notice of Motion: 

Edits and addendum  to guideline proposal to be made before the next meeting.

New Businsess

Notice of motion: Workshop Guidline:

See guideline doc.


Cap instructor fee to $25/hr of workshop +1hr setup time per workshop.

Lasercutter Abbandonment

2 solutions

Solution A:

Random / periodic interlock that requires user interaction to keep laser running

Solution B

Keyfob lockout for machine.

This solution offers better control so only laser trained members can use the machine.

Scenario B chosen to be implemented

Additional measures to help in either scenario:

-Surveillance Camera in room to provide accountability and proof if someone left laser running unattended. Camera should shoe both entries into room and laser

Motion to pass camera installation

Passed unanimously 

Motion to pass RFID lockout

Passed Unanimously

Sawstop Brake going off frequently

The makerspace cannot afford to eat the cost of replacing the brake cartridge and sawblade.


Should we expect members who trigger the brake to pay this cost? Partial cost ½ = ~$60 Full cost $120

Blanket fee no matter the cause of trigger or only charged if fault can be placed on member?

Deposit option? Past experience has proven deposits difficult to manage.

Training on Sawstop should be mandatory before use, sawstop 101 course. Woodshop 101 course

Volunteer shortage to produce courses

Added signage to tablesaw stating that by using the saw, you are agreeing to cover the expense of replacing cartridge and blade.

Can we change our insurance to Not for Profit insurance for better rate?

Not likely. The making part of a makerspace makes this near impossible.

Meeting close 19:36

Two small things. The date should read April 7th. The minutes aren't linked.

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07 April 2022

Call to Order:


Approval of Agenda / New Items

Approval of Minutes





Old Business:

Building Maintenance / Cleaning

Womens Night

Expenses Guideline

New Business

Workshops Guideline

Laser Abandonment

  • Prevention measures
  • Camera

Saw Stop

  • Cost Recovery
  • Engagement prevention

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