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Miter saw in need of repair
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Is there an update on this? When i was in on monday and saw it was still out of use, yet i also say someone had ignored the label and plugged it in to use anyway.

KMS tipped me off about The company is based in Surrey. If you pull the part number from a manual you can search for the part easily. The two parts we need cost around $6.00. They have a flat rate shipping of $15.00 so that is a pit pricey if you only need a couple of parts.

I needed a new cooling fan and drain valve for my air compressor so I was able to put the saw parts in with my order. I haven't received a shipping confirmation yet, but hopefully they arrive early next week. I'll assemble and test the saw as soon as I get the parts.

Thank you kindly for looking into that and taking this on. Weird that they went missing. hopefully it is a cheap and easy repair

I had some time to kill while waiting for a 3D print today so I took the saw apart and found the problem. The link plate is missing a bushing and e-clip. The missing clip holds the link in alignment so it doesn't hit the blade hub. I have attached a little write up with snips form the parts manual. I will look into sourcing the parts and keep you posted. I am optimistic I will find them easily.


I have the same one if you want to take a look and compare.

found a forum with the issue and repair

link but upon further inspection of the site. it is a dud. no solution.

The miter saw has a minor problem.

the little arm that pushes the guard out of the way when on the “up” part of a chop is hitting and catching the blade hub. I suspect it’s just a matter of putting it back together correctly but I’m having troubles and it’s getting late and I need to go home. I have flagged the problem part and tagged the saw with an “do not operate” tag.

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