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Need something resin printed
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Hi Jane. It might be helpful if you started a new thread to post your question. Someone might assume that what you're asking for is just more discussion about my request.

Can you tell us a little bit more about the project? It might help to know how complicated it is.

Hello there,

I am wanting to hire someone to build a 3D stl. file and resin prototype for my creation. Thanks so much.

file sent

Send me an email chainmaildave@gmail dot com preferably with an stl file

If noone is able to sooner I can in a bit over a week.

Away for a quick holiday right now.

I need to have an experimental nozzle resin printed. I'm willing to pay cash. The details are too fine for the prusa to do the job. any stringing is too much. Email me at grantfraser dot ca

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