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Sand Blaster Vacuum
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By all means, add some exhaust to that, getting dust and grit everywhere sucks... but I think I have about 40 lbs of non-silica blasting media in the garage. I can drop some off at Nick's place so people are not risking silicosis.

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or silica dust comes out the vents

I can donate the cost of a new motor. Just let me know the total once it's bought.

Or if its online send me a link and I can buy it direct.

There was a consideration to use the dust extractor but adding a second switch and a port in the fab shop made things complicated.

Interwebs tell me to use a dust deputy with the shop vac. May want to vent the exhaust outside.

Now that we have constant air in the fab shop we can now use the sand blaster full-time. I can happily report it can strip an intake manifold clean in half an hour. :)

It does however need a vacuum or something to draft air through it or silica dust comes out the vents and you really don't want to be breathing that in. I bought a very nice industrial ShopVac for $20...and it promptly suicided the motor bearings (a new motor is $150 which doesn't sound too bad when a replacement vacuum in that style is $700) but we can still use it with the other ShopVac as an intermediate bin to recover medium as it gets sucked in.

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