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Request for laser cutter workshop
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It should just be a matter of navigating through the e-learning on this very website.

You have to click 'view video' first to let you take the test.

Hey, Garret. Thanks for the reply. I have watched the video. I read in one of the forum posts that there is a test I need to pass but I haven't been able to find how to take the test. I'd love to get to use this laser cutter. If you could steer me towards my next step it would be greatly appreciated.

Have you watched the E-learning video? It can be found through the E-learning section of the top menu on this website.

Hey, everybody.

I was wondering if there was anybody willing to run me through the basics of the laser cutter. I've done some cad work in school so I'm not flying blind but I've never used a laser cutter before. Any help is appreciated!


- Colin Sparkes

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