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Photographing Old Projects (Quilts)
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hey! how many quilts do you have onhand? I have a friend who is having a baby shower....

I'm wondering if I could buy a quilt from you?

Like many makers, I frequently don't document my projects. There's that 'how much time do I spend documenting when I could use that time to make stuff instead' debate. Especially when one has limited time/energy/resources/bandwidth.

So I have used the last year and a half of Covid to photograph more of my work. These are quilts finished in the last 4 years (not all of them, because that would be 100+, and my photography efforts are ongoing). My goal is to become more proficient at staging and post-processing, and to have a good, socially distanced walk.

The majority of my quilts will be donated. The Sagebrush Quilt Guild usually gives them to patients undergoing cancer treatment at the Royal Inland Hospital. Unfortunately, the hospital hasn't been able to accept any quilts since Covid started. But when that program restarts, I will have 7 bags of photographed quilts to hand them! This also doesn't include the 50+ quilt tops that I made during Covid.

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