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Laser Cutter

Laser 101
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The answer key has been corrected. It is now possible to pass the test

-Kyle Rankin

Any updates on fixing the test?

Hello Alec.

I just took the test myself to see if it was accurate, and I got a similar failing grade. We are working on correcting the answer key so that it is actually accurate.

thank you for bringing this to our attention.

-Kyle Rankin

I just signed up for this course, watched the video and took the quiz. I was pretty sure I answered most of the questions correctly but only scored 50%. I took the quiz again (I changed one answer) and got 57%. Are these quizzes recorded anywhere? I would like someone to review my answers to let me know where I went wrong. I also took the course with Kyle back in December so I thought I was pretty familiar with the machine.

Its finally up. I would like to add some questions so please let me know what we should add. If you have done laser 101 before please take the online one and send the approximate date of your course and who taught it.

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