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Our Mudroom is in need of a reorganization. With the build up of abandoned Items and clutter outside of bins often items are making their way out onto the floor area. This area is often the first impression people have of our space and should put our best foot forward.

I would like to acknowledge that organization of this space has been done poorly in the past. This thread is to discuss ways we can make this space better for everyone without creating hardship for our members. Communication and understanding will underly this whole process.

A few goals I would like to achieve with this process are:

  • Everything in bins
  • Clutter removed
  • Items from members no longer around returned to their owners
  • Bins labeled with name and contact info
  • Bins first order retrievable (no need to move one to get to another)
  • Smaller bins for the higher sections
  • Bins available for new members
  • Ensuring space per member is more equal
  • Encourage drivers to store less at the space
  • Long Item storage
  • Label no storage area on floor

We understand Covid has changed how members use the space and it effects storage. This will be taken into consideration.

Please post below your Ideas and concerns for this reorganization.

Thank you.

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