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Laser Cutter

Laser Cutter Door Gas Springs
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Thank you for your work on this.

I did actually hear about them on my search. But ended up deciding to try finding an off the shelf part before getting custom made. Unfortunately, it soon fell down the priority list afterwords.

thank you for getting this done Garret!

-Kyle Rankin

A note for the next go around. There was another company I didn't use because there website was a bit less searchable. I was speaking with a client today and he mentioned them, turns out they are practically next door in Vernon: Gemini Gas Springs

Taking a second look at what they have online I think they also could have supplied a custom unit to fit.

thank you good sir. May the laser gods show you eternal favour in all your laser cuts

-Kyle Rankin

All fixed now.

LS Technologies is awesome.

They built one up on their desk to match and are shipping tomorrow. This will probably take a week to get in, These will be in on Friday. the quotes attached.

I'll just make this as a donation.

Quick update: I measured the door up last night - thanks Kyle for holding it open so I didn't get crushed!

Then I spent a while searching. This thing is silly compact, most of the common springs I can find are quite a bit longer for the stroke.

I put an enquiry out to these guys:LS Technologies

The alternative I guess would be to fabricate some new brackets and mount everything to suit a longer eye-eye. Or peruse some Chinese manufacturers, I just find navigating those sites to be very difficult.

In short, the wheels are in motion but nothing yet.

I measured this all up tonight. The rod eye was pretty chowdered out, looks like someone changes out the eye screw, so the overall lengths are a bit rough but that doesn't matter as much since the rod eye has a threaded adjustment.

Here is all the info for future reference:

Extended force 650 Newtons [150 lbs]

Rod Diameter: 10 mm [0.393"]

Body Diameter: 21mm [13/16"]

Eye to Eye with Rod Eye - Retracted ~185mm [~7 1/4"]

Eye to Eye with Rod Eye - Extended ~285mm [~11 1/4"]

Total Stroke 110mm [4 1/4"]

Rod Thread M8x1.25

Cylinder end pivot eye: 3/16" thick plate, 8mm dia hole [5/16" dia]

Rod Eye ball stud: 1/4-20 thread - but this was butchered on.

There's a couple things that I can't find an exact match on so I'll head down to the laser soon and check the install clearances before I go ahead and order anything. I'll try and get a cheap domestic replacement instead of some obscure Chinesium part.

I will drop it off later today. Both rams need to be replaced

Looks like it says Ft 650??

I would take a guess that's 650 Newtons (150 lbs) extension force?

I understand that volunteer time is an issue, as it has always been with the space. If tools (like this forum) don't get used to identify issues to be resolved then it will always end up being placed on the backs of one or two volunteers to do everything.

If this can be dropped off at my office then I can take measurements and get a new one ordered ASAP.

285 Victoria Street West

I have it. It does not have any particularly useful info on it. It will have to be ordered on size

Please remember that these things are taken care of by volunteers with other things pressing and lives and careers outside of the space. Thing like this may take time.

I had to used the laser a few days ago and noticed the left hand gas spring is still missing.

Is there any information on this thing to order a replacement or should it just be measured to order a new one?

Should be able to find a replacement pretty easily:

It's really just a matter of time until this thing smashes somebody or something I am pretty amazed it hasn't been addressed after so many months.

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