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Making things :)
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Wow Jyelle! Lots of cool projects across many mediums, that's awesome 😀

There were some fun workshops, and Maker Crepes! Hope to do that again someday :)

Examples of some of the gingerbread houses for the workshop

Before covid! there was acro yoga!!!! and it sometimes happened at the Makerspace!

Stephanie Houlberg @flyingshebase designed this logo.I made cut this sign on vinyl cutter.

Sourdough bread is still going strong! Making about 2 loaves a week.

Thanks to the Bluebunch sourdough class :)

Making pies! Apple pies and Apple rhubarb :)

This was for a mini fundraiser for the Makerspace! thanks to all those folks who bought pies!

Some mini magnet planters made in the clay space at the Makerspace using the wheel.

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