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The Fab Shop

Fab Shop Cleanup/Organize
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I have removed the junk from under the main table and in the back corner. Scrap metal has been removed and garbage has been organized into the back corner for removal shortly. I noticed some has been removed already. Here is a list of future projects in this space:

  • Organize hardware and parts under lathe table (I am approaching a sponsor for a storage solution)
  • Clear off lathe table. Mount / organize tooling on wall. (If you don't know, leave it)
  • Clean up under table on mill wall
  • Clear off mill wall table
  • Hang roll feeder on wall by laser (with rod)
  • Build long Item shelf on mill wall for Items against back wall (similar to wood shop)
  • Create storage for metal stock under table
  • Clear garbage and non hackables in hackable bin by laser and trim in green paint (move no hacks to hall)
  • Make better storage for hackable plastic (trim in green)
  • Organize peg board
  • Organize tool box
  • Organize paint cabinet including making hackable / no hack sections
  • Clear out paint booth

Please add anything else you would like to see done in this space

Thank you Cindy, I happened to be there helping someone and did it on the side. I need to do some long laser cutting next week and may pick a place to start and put a list of projects together like I have in the woodshop. I find dealing with storage and hackables is the best place to start as I know the history of most of the stuff.

Hi all. First of all, the Wood Shop looks awesome after the cleanup recently!! Thanks to everyone who was involved in that project. Kevin and I try to clean and organize wherever possible and the Fab Shop is also in dire need of this. We would be more than willing to assist but would need someone who could spearhead this project who knows more about items in there, what should stay and what should go, etc. Thanks!
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