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3D Printing

3d printing my designs
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Sure. [--redacted--]

Oh my files didn't save at some point so I had to redo a bunch 3d modeling. Could I grab an email and I will send what I have. Thanks

Sounds good. Not sure what you mean in terms of getting it ready to print, but if you just send the STLs I can slice them to make sure they're sliced for my printer.

Thank you very much Chad, I will send you some files I had some ready to print but it must of not saved at some point so I just have to refinish them. Thanks again

Hey Nolan, congrats on taking the break! I actually recently did the same thing. I would love to help you out. I have both a heavily modified Ender 3, which I usually use Cura as a slicer for. I also have an LCD resin printer if you're needing anything smaller.

My name is Nolan and I am an Industrial designer who decided to take a break to explore and make the things I want to make. To this end I need a bunch of 3d printing done for some slip caste molds I want to make. I have experience printing off of an Ultimaker 3 and can have the file ready in Curia. Most of the prints will be between 8 to 16 hours and pla as a material is fine. If anyone wants some extra work I am more then willing to pay someone to handle getting some of this done for me. Let me know if your interested
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