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REQUEST - Metal Lathe Workshop
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Hello, I agree research is good but compitency must be demonstrated before using the lathe. You can demonstrate that to myself, Nicholas or Rob (though I didn't warn Nicholas or Rob this was coming so...)

Training will be happening once covid restrictions ease up.

Before I get more of the same: I have received messages from people telling me they are a Machinist or machine operator, this does not change the fact that you need to demonstrate compency. There is no situation where this step will be skipped.

Hey Everyone, I found the Blondihacks (Metal Lathe Tutorial) videos very informative: She goes through the following (There is one video per item below):




Tail Support


Turning to a shoulder


4-Jaw chucks


Indicator use

Surface finish

How to pick metal



Taps and Dies

Calipers and Micrometers

Snap Gauges & Depth gauges

Speeds and Feeds

I encourage anyone interested in the lathe/mill to go over these videos. They will give you enough knowledge to be able to approach these pieces of equipment with enough knowledge and understanding to work on these machines safely. The instructor is excellent at explaining stuff and she operates a hobby lathe/mill and is a talented maker which really fits in with the Makerspace's tooling and intent.

It would be great to have a workshop of some variety on the metal lathe in the fabrication shop. It looks like a great tool for the space, but is one that needs some training.

Jim and Nicholas have both given me a quick hand with it in the past, this was great to help me with a project. However it wasn't to the level that I'd go and use it on my own, and I'd like to get there. If that means I end up being the guy putting together the training material I'm good with that.


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