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FIXED: Broken Planer
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Thank you Garret. I will have a look for it next time im in.
You rock, bud!!

I taped the alignment tools on the pegboard beside the computer monitor in the woodshop.

Let me know how they fit and if changes are needed.


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Thank you Garret.🙏 you too are a rock star!

Thank you Jessica, you are a rockstar! I don’t know what the model number difference is but it probably doesn’t matter much.. perhaps its the “C” canadian model 🤪

Well here's a reproduction of that image.

It will print full size on letter.

I'll have a pair printed off before the end of the night.

I replied below...
Hi everybody.
I was the one who bought the "new" planer off Kijiji. My understanding was that the old one was beyond repair so that's wonderful to hear you got it going. I know the one bearing in the old one feels not good but it sounds like your gonna give it a once over. And yes the new one sounds awful too. I was excited to find that planer since I knew we could steal parts off the old one (when i thought it was donezo).
The old planer is a Delta 22-540C
The new planer is a Delta 22-540
I assumed the C was just a colour designation, since that usually how its done in things i have seen. Turns out it's not that and must have to do with the knives. Cause the old planer they popped in to a set spot, the new one you needed a knife setting guide.
Either way I didn't realize the "old" one was fixed and i popped it under the bench by the chop saw.
The "new" one is ready to go now. I ended up buying some "planer pals" for it. They basically are like the jig your talking about in the forum here but with magnets to hold it on the rollers and magnets to hold the knives in the right spot. Theres a picture of how to use them on the back of the packet....
I hung the planer pals above the computer in their packet. Hope this helps solve some mystery. But yes i tested the "new" planer and it works at cutting well, just sounds loud in a bad bearing sorta way.

Good idea. I would need two., please. The original one is a I think the drum is 2" diameter and the blade spacing is 1.5mm. See attached jpeg.

also link Here to the webpage.

also screen cap from a youtube channel with dimensions attached.

No idea on that. Do you just need a block style spacer tool? I can just 3D print one if that's the case. I can hit a tolerance of 0.005" no problem, 0.001" if its small.


I've been looking at some disassembly/reassembly videos and perhaps we may want to replace some bearings and re-lube the mechanisms.

I may do that with the garage sale one initially just to practice..

Do you know if we have an alignment tool for setting the cutter height?

Great that it was an easy fix! Thanks Mauricio!!

The planer that was broken has now been fixed. The belt had come off and the driven sheave had come undone. keyway for the driven sheave also fell out. I also levelled the mechanism as it was out a little bit. I ran a couple of boards through and it worked ok. The tool status board was used but the sheet had not been filled out...status is back to green.

I didn’t test the other one but it says that the blades have not been set. Kyle indicated that the second one was bought at a garage sale. For this one we need to go through it with care as who knows whats wrong with it other than blades not being set...

I heard from a member that the planer is down, and that there might be a 2nd one that is also down.

Is there any information or a fix on the way?

I haven't been in the space personally to see what the tool log books say on the problem, if they were reported, or if the tool status board was used.

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