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Request - Woodshop Intro Workshop
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Thanks Mauricio. I won't be able to attend but hopefully it is possible to set something up.
Heather, with the restrictions in place, I want to consult the board membership before I commit to a time. Members Meeting is this Thursday night, I think... Everyone is welcome to attend.
Thank you

Below is a YouTube playlist I made with some good starter safety/operational videos. Happy to change it up if someone knows of better videos.

Makerspace Wood Shop Safety`

There are several videos, just choose the one you're interested in.

Heather, I will search out some safety and basic usage videos and post them here.
Sounds good. I do have some basic familiarity with the tools but I would appreciate the opportunity to go through some of them with a more experienced person to ensure I am using them correctly and safely.
With the restrictions in place perhaps it may be a good idea to find some safety and operational videos on YouTube for the types of machines we have in the wood shop.
That would give a good starting point on the basic operation and safety of this equipment.

After the videos one-on-one time can be booked to socially-distance demonstration of the equipment.

I’m not a carpenter but I would be willing to do some instruction.

Some of these machines are in good condition and some are not. The operating status is in a binder, which not everyone looks at. I would like to see “do not operate” tags ty-wrapped to the equipment. I’m happy to donate a bunch if the board agrees it is a good idea.
Would anyone be interested or able to put on an intro wood shop workshop? Just some basic stuff, what tools are available, (there's a ton of stuff in there) how to safely operate table saw, router, planer(hopefully running soon), etc.
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