We are a community of makers

About us

We currently have more than 55 members in our community. As the board of directors, our job is to coordinate and give focus to the community efforts in a transparent and inclusive way. If you like to be more involved, you are welcome to join us at one of our weekly meetings.

Aras Balali Moghaddam

Aras was an active member of Victoria Makerspace since its inception until the summer of 2012 when he moved away. He has a background in software engineering and holds a masters degree in computer science. After working for a few years in the software industry, he decided to change his path to pursue a more hands on career in manufacturing. He has a wide range of interests and enjoys working on challenging and long term projects.

Meagan Mason

Meagan is an Engineering Tech by profession, she currently works as an Ops Manager at a small machine shop here in Kamloops. She spent the past 10 years working as a designer for various manufacturing industries and have had the opportunity to learn a variety of manufacturing processes. She has a strong CAD background and runs her own 3D Printing and design consulting business.

Nicholas Adams

Nicholas is an accomplished maker who always has several projects on the go, from building race cars to making medieval jewelry. He has had his own businesses, and worked in the construction and mining industry. He is also involved with a few other non profit organizations in Kamloops, and is very active in the community.

Shawn Lund

Shawn has been collecting and using metal working tools for the past seven years as a hobby. He recently converted a small vertical mill to CNC and have really been enjoying working with the CAD/CAM software. He has a wide range of interests including electronics, software and machining tools.

Brad Allan

Many years ago Brad fell in love with architecture and hand-made houses. Slowly he warmed up to powertools, then became obsessed, and today works as a Joiner and Timberframer. Brad discovered the maker movement while learning to scrutinize the work of his employer's massive CNC, and is glad to have found a community where he can learn new skills, and perhaps even experiment with robots doing the work for him (although he admits it seems like a lot of work).

Our Mission

We are a non profit society dedicated to serving the creative community in the Thompson Nicola region. Our goal is to establish and operate a space in Kamloops where hobyists, inventors, artists and innovative people from all walks of life, can come together and share their enthusiasm and knowledge.


We organize at least one maker workshop every month. These could be anything from 3D printing, electronics, or welding to arts and crafts. We also organize the H4CK nights in collaboration with KIC


Now it is the best time to get involved in our community to shape your local makerspace, since we are compiling a list of tools that are in demand. Join the community and voice your opinion about what tools we should get first. We have already received several nice donations waiting for members to use!

207 Victoria St West. Kamloops, BC V2C 1A5

Give us a shout on the forum if you like to come for a visit. You can also drop by on Wednesdays from 6pm to 8pm to checkout the space.

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We have our own social network that we use primarily, but we sometimes also use popular networks:


We appreciate any support we can get. Please checkout our sponsors page to get started.