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207 Victoria Street W, Kamloops

BC COVID-19 Safety Plan

As per WorkSafeBC, guidelines have been posted for all members that must be adhered to.

If you begin to feel ill while on our premises, please report that immediately, wash your hands, and isolate. Go straight home, if able. If not, have someone call 911 immediately. All areas that an ill person comes in contact with must immediately be disinfected, using precaution and proper PPE.

A reminder, anyone directed by public health to self-isolate, or anyone who has arrived from outside of Canada or has been in contact with a confirmed case must self-isolate and must NOT enter the space.

Prior to entry: You must complete a health check before entering the space. See the poster entitled “Keep our workplace safe from COVID-19” posted, attached, and at

Upon entry: You must wear a mask (with a face shield recommended) when you enter and exit the building. You may not remove your mask as per PHO orders as of November 2020.

Entry points and lounge area

We have established and posted an occupancy limit for our premises, by room. The mud room, kitchen, and the lounge area is for through traffic only. Stop in the kitchen (when vacant) to wash your hands as directed upon entry and departure from the space. No more than two people maximum in this combined area at one time, using physical distancing rules of spacing at least 6 feet apart at all times.

All common touch points such as chair arms, door handles, light switches, etc must be sanitized after you come in contact with them. It is your responsibility to clean any rooms you have been working in or touched upon your departure. Please report any concerns or lack of supplies immediately.


The bathrooms and other touch points must be wiped down after each use. Please ensure you keep up your own hand washing / sanitizing in the space. It is your responsibility when using the bathroom that you also adhere to all sanitation guidelines. Please avoid or sanitize touch points as well.


Workspaces will be your responsibility upon entry and exit of the room. Cleaning and sanitization products are supplied to use as required. You (and your family member) are the only people in the designated room at one time. You have a scheduled time to enter and leave this area, including all sanitation. Please exit the building immediately at the end of your shift. You MUST wipe down all touch surfaces immediately before leaving the room with a provided disinfectant. Some surfaces are sensitive to the harsher cleaners, instructions are provided with alternatives for these items.


The kitchen remains closed with rare exceptions to the rule as per an agreement presently in place with Interior Health. Entry to the building Friday afternoons between 12-5pm will be at the front of the building only. The coffee maker and kettle have been moved into the lounge. Please ensure that any appliance or common touch point is wiped down after use. Disposable or outside cups only are to be used - no use of common cutlery/dishware/cups at this time.


Please use the following guidelines in order to reduce the risk of transmission. Be considerate of ensuring hallway and entry ways are empty when entering, using single-use (disposable) products, and wipe down equipment after use.

Please ensure you read and understand the information on cleaning and disinfecting surfaces. Our workplace has enough handwashing facilities on site for individual access. Handwashing locations are visible and easily accessible. Be aware of when you must wash / sanitize hands and avoid touching your face. Frequent handwashing and good hygiene practices are essential to reduce the spread of the virus. We have implemented cleaning protocols for all common areas and surfaces: washrooms, equipment, light switches, and door handles. The responsibility falls to you in the room you are in, as well as all touch points between entry and exit.

Do not come to the space if you or one of your house members are sick.

Common Touch Points within the common areas include

1) Washroom fixtures

2) all door handles

3) all light switches

4) Chair arms

5) Shared equipment and tools

This plan will be subject to change as we monitor risks.

All health and safety concerns can be brought to the attention of the board or directed to our chair Nicholas Adams

Rev 2.0 8 Jan 2021