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Mugs missing from the kiln room
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I think it was honest miscommunication. When we received our tour we were told that the bottom shelf was for unclaimed projects and that if they went unclaimed they would be removed. It was not an act of disrespect nor was it a thought to take someone else's stuff. We do appreciate and respect the community here and would not take someone's things in purpose.


Hi Jonathan,

Thank you for being honest and returning the mugs to Tianna. In the future, do not take any items that aren't yours. If you feel an item has been abandoned, please consult the maker, the coordinator of the room in which the item is found or a board member. As this is a community space, it is important that everyone respects the space and belongings of others. Thank you.

Sounds good, see you around noon! :)

I can bring them by around noon. also, all contact info should be on my profile, just a click away.

Hi Jonathan - that's fantastic news, thanks a lot! I'm not sure how to send messages on here - but I'll be by the makerspace this afternoon if that works for you. If not I can grab them from the shelf in the kiln room if you could leave them there? Cheers!

I have, I can bring them to you all clean and ready to go. Just shoot me a message.

Hey gang,

A couple of my mugs went missing from the kiln room a couple of weeks ago - I'm hoping someone grabbed them by accident. They were both red clay, with various blue glazes and initialed t.s. with a tree. If anyone has seen them around or knows where they may have gone please let me know as they were meant to be gifts and I'd love to get them back!



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