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Giant Operation game for RIH Foundation
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Interesting issue with the board, when I touch one of the tongs it sets off the alarm

My bad. I didn't look.

There were two new ribs there when we took it to the farmers market

IH would like the operation game for Friday Sept 16th. I've made more improvements. The wiring is more friendly for opening the top. The tongs have been replaced.

It needs some testing. I think that the tongs might be too wide and need the edges curved or shaved off.

We need a new rib and a new pins and needles piece. Could someone handle that while I'm out of town?

When I was last in the makerspace I made a couple of improvements. I shaved a bit off of one of the halves so the two halves would fit together again. The ground wire was rerouted to make it easier to open the top half.

I didn't have time to make the nose wiring longer and have it follow the same path. There are replacement tongs but they are not installed.

It should still be functional with the nose plugged back in.

Progress so far

Ok great!

From Marissa:

"Thanks for reaching out! We are hoping to have it created by May 27th to play at a golf tournament."

I asked if there was a budget but have not received a reply.

I'm totally down for help. David and I are talking about the pieces. Painting help would be welcome.

I'll email Marissa and ask for details and relay them on here. Grant I say you have dibs.

If you want help sounds like you have some helpers!

yeah totally! I've been talking to Hunter about it too! It does sounds like fun. I can likely get some paint.

This seems like a fun project if you want some assistance please contact me

The makerspace has made no commitment. This is more of an opportunity for a member to take on. If you are interested, you can contact them directly and settle details that way.

the makerspace is simply relaying this job opportunity to our community

-Kyle Rankin

So what's the deadline? Have we made a commitment? The cheap and easy method uses a TV box. I would like to make a more durable plywood version so we can use it for Canada Day.

So roughly the size of a folding table. Salad tongs for lifting. Battery and buzzer. Does anyone have a game to work from?

Message from the website contact page - From: RIH Foundation (

Hi there,

We are the RIH Foundation dedicated to raising funds for our local hospital. For an upcoming event, we would like to incorporate a giant life size game of “operation”. Would your talented people be able to help us?

Please call Marisa at 250-819-9363 or email at

For reference:

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