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$99 solidworks
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$99/year? That's crazy cheap for Solidworks.

A full professional license would otherwise cost you $5500 and then $1800/year.

A good way to go if you want to learn the software for work experience, the limits on hobby/startup use are extremely harsh though:

"3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS for Makers is meant for personal projects and non-commercial use. Per our terms and conditions, you may sell items you make for a profit up to and not exceeding US$2,000 a year. If you are interested in building your business with SOLIDWORKS tools, check out our start up program or our commercial offers."

$2k/year in sales? Ouch.

Reminds me of that old anti-drug commercial "The first is free. Find me when you need more."

For comparison F360's startup income limitations are $100,000 USD, that's free software under the startup cap or $645 CAD per year for full professional use.

Solidworks is the better tool for full professionals still, at least they now make it reasonable to learn at a lower cost so long as you don't hope to make anything more than beer money with it.

There is a maker version of solidworks for $99 per year. Details here: Solidworks

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